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Business Management (Diploma) Graphic Design (Diploma) International Media Makeup Professional Bridal Makeup



I had great time during my past 3 months here in YES Academy. The serene and relax environment is really welcoming therefore it is like my second home. What I really love about the college is the culture that practiced, everyone is very friendly inclusive of all our lecturers. They are willing to share their experiences and thoughts. We are indeed like a family. By being the part of the family, I know that this is my correct path , "A thousand journey is started by taking the first step". There is no "shortcut" to become a "Profesional". So, what are you waiting for? Be part of us to the same way to success! Cheers...

Lew Jing En

I've gain a lot of knowledge and experience throughout my journey here is YES Academy. It is not just a stepping stone for me to success, it is like my second home. With the certified qualification from YES Academy, I strongly believe that I can be success in my career. My life is perfect with the right decision, I love you, YES Academy!

Lee Ling Ann

YES Academy is on the forefront of providing higher education services. Our academy is established in year 1997 with the aim of offering quality and affordable education for higher learning in various specializations.

Our courses are conducted by qualified and experience lecturers as to ensure our students received the best education through our courses offered. At YES Academy, we believe that each individual shall be equipped with sufficient knowledge and professionalism as to grow towards their career path.

Hence, YES Academy offers various courses as to establish expertise these individuals in their field of studies. Among the courses that are available from us are such as graphic design course, business management course, information technology course, professional makeup course and vocational English course.

Students may find great enjoyment and interest during their studies at our academy as our lecturers developed interesting syllabus and learning environment throughout the lessons. Our educational module enables students to learn more at a planned time frame. With the world class programs offered at YES Academy, we shall take our students to new heights in their field of studies.